The Flomsawue Dominion is the territory of the Flomsawue. The Dominion encompasses the planets of Nothaewei, Askadus, Royphus, Vuytis, Egroth, Scenoter, and Thides 6PQ.

History of the Dominion Edit

The Dominion was officially founded in 972, when Nothaewei and Egroth(a Flomsawue colony) created an interplanetary government. As the Flomsawue colonized more worlds, they too joined the Dominion. After the Dominion colonized Askadus, thereby depleting the nearby systems suitable for colonization, the Dominion entered a long period of stagnation, lasting from roughly 1150-1240. During this period, smuggling and corruption increased throughout the Dominion.

The stagnation effected multiple sectors of life in the Dominion. There was a lack of new ship designs for the military, with the FDC instead deciding to use the venerable Arden Class Fighter and Cyclone Class Frigate.

Government of the Dominion Edit

Military Edit