The Vielt Empire is a large collection of systems ruled over by the Vielts. It's capital is Wiabos, homeworld of the Vielts.

History Edit

The Vielt formed an interplanetary government with their colony of Xoynia in 970. They then colonized multiple nearby systems. The Vielt focused on military power, a relic of their history of resource wars--planetary unification on Wiabos was the result of decades of costly war.

In 1301, the Vielt come into contact with the Cyth Hegemony after colonizing the Snosie system. The Vielt declared war on the Cyth, and within two decades conquered the Hegemony. Once in control of the Hegemony, the Vielt enslaved many Cyth, and utilized their labor in multiple Imperial projects.

The Vielt continued to expand and colonize new systems after their war with the Cyth. In 1342, they encountered the Wahr species on Aeter II.

Society and Culture Edit

The Vielt value strength. Wiabos was plagued by many wars, and that history influenced their culture.